My selection of top iPad 2 apps

After buying my shiny new ipad2 I, like most other tablet enthusiasts, devoted a fair amount of time in search of the coolest and most useful apps to install.

The major problem in most results that google returns is that they all mention the same list: twitter,, friendly, dropbox, etc. (for a list of the obvious, follow this link).

After some deeper searches I found the following apps to be extremely interesting to me. I'm hoping they will be to you as well:


If you write anything, these are the most well spent 79 cents, believe me.

Log your life, with notes, pictures, and music.

Find the perfect word to convey your message :)


Snowboard fun :)

Awesome card game, kinda like Magic the gathering. Warning: Massive time waster :)

Cool top down RPG.


Read all your google reader subscriptions in this clean RSS reader.

There's a few marvel comics for free in this app.

The great classics are free in the Kindle store. And the iPad is the perfect e-reader.

News and Magazines

A beautiful way of keeping track of current events worldwide.

A new take on wikipedia articles; everyday a new selection of wonderfully formated articles.

A kind of magazine with a gazillion tips on how to make the most of your shiny new iPad.

Notes and doodles

Keep all your notes in sync across your computers, tablets, and phones. Much better than evernote, in my opinion.

Everyone doodles from time to time :)

Remote desktop and media centre control

Money well invested, if you have a mac mini in your living room and don't want to spend $100+ on a wireless keyboard + mouse setup. This app allows you to use the iPad as both. And does one hell of a job at it.

To control your XBMC from the iPad.

A remote viewer for your computers (VNC).

Video streaming

The best way i found to stream video and music from my server to the iPad and other computers. It compresses video on the fly, allowing you to stream even through a 3G connection. Priceless.


Just in case you need to retouch some pictures on the iPad.


If you're lazy like me, this will come in handy to discover new recipes to cook.


View your Google analytics data from this cool app.


And finally, everyone needs an alarm. This one is simple and gets the job done :)