New pictures

After a lot of requests (Ok, only my mother asked for this) I decided to put online new photos. But first, a quick explanation:1. I finally finished my apartment's floor. Actually most of the things are now in place for a comfortable living on which looks like a normal apartment, at least by my Portuguese standards (and no, I'm not saying there are no old houses in Portugal, it's just that there are more new ones ;)); 2. My father and Aunt (his sister) came to visit the Netherlands for the first time (actually my aunt had already been to Amsterdam, though a long, long time ago). All in all it was a great time. We rented a car to be able to go to more places (like the windmills in Zanse Schans, and Scheveningen, in Den Haag) and it's actually cheaper than paying for train tickets. Mental note: Consider renting a car for going to the beach in the summer. Oh, wait, take that back, there is no summer in the Netherlands;

3. I got a cat! His name is Mangas. I wanted to name him Kili, after the mount Kilimanjaro, but my ex-girlfriend convinced me otherwise, so he ended up being called Mangas (which is kind of a dumb Portuguese joke/synonym about Kilimanjaro). The reason for the hommage is that he literally climbed 2 walls while I was trying to grab him, in the house I went to get him from. I'll repeat, he climbed 2 slick walls using nothing but his claws and he stayed close to the ceiling while I tried to get him to come down. So, those are the news, and without further delay, here are the pics for the finishing touches on the new apartment in Amsterdam, my father and aunt's visit to the Netherlands, and my new cat, Mangas.

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