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New episode of two guys and a beer (85)

New episode (85) of two guys and a beer is online. You should get it now.

This time:

- Barack Obama what??? - Sexual Egypt legends - Life is a bitch - Holly shit -- water on the moon - 11 years ago, IE became dominant - Tiny nuclear batteries - Airport rectal scans - I accept your challenge - Big pussy

Get it here: (Or if audio-only is more your thing, then here:

Going to hell. Two Guys and a Beer, episode 79.

Two Guys and a Video episode 79 is live. Full video, here. Audio-only version, here.

This week: A trip to hell, and:

Chinese kid beaten to death MIT tackles charging an electric car under 11 minutes Twitter DDOS Baby doll vest 12 years ago: MS - Apple deal a funny microsoft ad open source video - the code rush project google classic