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Introducing Simple Rails Blog

Yes, a new blog. I know what you are thinking: "Who the hell cares?". But read me out.

A while back i looked at wordpress and thought "i don't really need all this stuff, do i?". Turns out i didn't. And if you are at least a little bit like me you will agree that sometimes less is more. After searching for some alternatives i ended up with two solutions: A company hosted blog (tumblr, blogger, and others) or hand made. I chose the latter. 

So let me introduce you to my new open-source Rails blog. Developed with simplicity in mind, it allows you to write and (easily, even automatically) tag posts. That's it.

Full source code is available at bitbucket. If you are a Rails developer (or a plain developer with an open mind) you will find it trivial to adapt it to your needs.

Enjoy, Pedro

Silly android app number 4 - Last Burger

Need a way to track the last time you had fast food? Look no further, Last Burger's got you covered, bro :)

Stupid android app number 2 - Fortune Poopees

Need an android fortune cookie, sans the cookie? Meet Fortune Poopees :)

I have problems, i know :)

Silly android app number 3 - Fast as a ninja

Train your reflexes. Beat your friends. Be a ninja :)

Warning: possible side effects might include utter disappointment in software developers for all time.

Thank you, one person -)

For downloading my dumb-as-shit fortune cookie android app :)