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Enable/disable spotlight in OSX

This is just a self reminder on how to disable and enable spotlight in Snow Leopard and Lion. Open a terminal and type: To enable:

sudo mdutil -a -i on To disable: sudo mdutil -a -i off In system preferences you can control which drives and/or folders are not to be indexed.

NonUniqueObjectException- a different object with the same identifier value was already associated with the session

If you are developing in Swing and using hibernate you might - at some point in time - run into this exception: org.hibernate.NonUniqueObjectException: a different object with the same identifier value was already associated with the session

What happened, you might ask? Well, turns out that when you close the session that created a given hibernate-managed object, this object becomes "detached" (meaning hibernate no longer has any control over it). So, when you attempt to save or update it in another session, hibernate will complain with that exception, because it can no longer tell which is the "true" version of the object.

The solution(s)? Look inside your code for places where you might be closing the session and take that out. That's the solution in the case where you are using a long session (one that spans the entirety of the application's life). In case you really want to close the session, you might consider using the session's merge() method, which basically merges the fields in both the attached and non-attached instances of the object, and performs an update.

Hope that saves someone half a day of debugging ;)

My selection of top iPad 2 apps

After buying my shiny new ipad2 I, like most other tablet enthusiasts, devoted a fair amount of time in search of the coolest and most useful apps to install.

The major problem in most results that google returns is that they all mention the same list: twitter, IMO.im, friendly, dropbox, etc. (for a list of the obvious, follow this link).

After some deeper searches I found the following apps to be extremely interesting to me. I'm hoping they will be to you as well:


If you write anything, these are the most well spent 79 cents, believe me.

Log your life, with notes, pictures, and music.

Find the perfect word to convey your message :)


Snowboard fun :)

Awesome card game, kinda like Magic the gathering. Warning: Massive time waster :)

Cool top down RPG.


Read all your google reader subscriptions in this clean RSS reader.

There's a few marvel comics for free in this app.

The great classics are free in the Kindle store. And the iPad is the perfect e-reader.

News and Magazines

A beautiful way of keeping track of current events worldwide.

A new take on wikipedia articles; everyday a new selection of wonderfully formated articles.

A kind of magazine with a gazillion tips on how to make the most of your shiny new iPad.

Notes and doodles

Keep all your notes in sync across your computers, tablets, and phones. Much better than evernote, in my opinion.

Everyone doodles from time to time :)

Remote desktop and media centre control

Money well invested, if you have a mac mini in your living room and don't want to spend $100+ on a wireless keyboard + mouse setup. This app allows you to use the iPad as both. And does one hell of a job at it.

To control your XBMC from the iPad.

A remote viewer for your computers (VNC).

Video streaming

The best way i found to stream video and music from my server to the iPad and other computers. It compresses video on the fly, allowing you to stream even through a 3G connection. Priceless.


Just in case you need to retouch some pictures on the iPad.


If you're lazy like me, this will come in handy to discover new recipes to cook.


View your Google analytics data from this cool app.


And finally, everyone needs an alarm. This one is simple and gets the job done :)

The iPad2 - or rethinking my android tablet purchase

So here's the deal: I had planned to purchase a honeycomb-based tablet as my sabbatical leave of absence going away present to myself. I was carefully considering all the pros and cons of both the Motorola Xoom and the new 10" Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Between the two of them discovered the latter has a better general body finish, as well as slightly better front camera. Besides, Samsung has had the first tab out there for some time now, which means they have some more experience in regards to what works and what doesn't, as building tablets goes.

The problem is that I just tried an ipad2 for the first time. And, besides feeling super snappy and slick, it's so shinny :). I might have fallen for this thing already.

The price is more appealing as well: 549 euro for the 32GB wifi version. I can't imagine either the galaxy or the xoom matching this anytime soon. Not before the ipad3 comes out anyway ;)

UPDATE: Alright, i sold my soul to the devil: Ordered an iPad2, arriving at the end of the month :)

Guru meditation error

While reading my morning web comics, i noticed this error in wulffmorgenthaler: Guru meditation error.

Apparently this is the default way the Varnish HTTP cache shows errors and - as it turns out - it comes from the old Commodore Amiga times.

It's always refreshing to find more developers with a sense of humor :D

OSX video streaming the easy way

The problem For a while now, i have been searching for a way to stream videos from my living room's Mac Mini to my other Macs across the house. Especially to my laptop (or in the future to my tablet) when i'm laying in bed. Yes, i know i'm lazy, but one has to take advantage of technology, right? :)

The problem is that i never found a nice enough way to do it. I tried streaming through VLC, but unfortunately the wireless network seems not to be enough to cope with the amount of data. Also, it's a bit cumbersome to have to setup the stream every time i want to watch a movie in bed. I looked into whether XBMC or Plex would do the trick and, although there are some built in server capabilities, i was never able to make it work for my needs. The solution Enter StreamToMe and ServeToMe. Both applications are available in the Mac Appstore (they also have iPhone, iPod, and iPad apps) and allow seamless video streaming across Macs. Painless. You define the folders you want to share in the server and the client gets to browse them, complete with video thumbnails. Extremely cool and practical, especially because they convert the videos on the fly so it plays smoothly even across 3G networks :D

From their website: "Files are live-transcoded into the native format for your device so you don't need to pre-convert your media. Adaptive bitrates mean that you can stream over WiFi or 3G." Now if i could just get an android version :)

OSX Lion headphones sound bug

If you're trying the new developer preview version of OSX (10.7 - Lion) and find that the default sound output (headphones) is misbehaving, there is a quick fix for it.

According to OSX developers, if you go into the Audio MIDI Setup (under /Applications/Utilities) and change the output format from 2ch-16bit to 2ch-32bit (like in the image), that should take care of the problem.


Eclipse IDE introduces ... wait for it ... a market place!

Application markets and stores are all the rage these days. Let's see, there's the apple store, the android market, Microsoft's app store, Nokia's OVI store, and probably a gazillion more. It's like if you don't have one, you don't really exist.

Well, now the eclipse IDE has got one as well. You can get plugins and the likes there, in which seems to be an easier way to find components to install. Gone are the times when you had to copy and paste endless amounts of update sites to install your favorite plugins. Or so i hope :)

Apple will remove java from OSX with Lion, so what?

I don't get all the fuss about Apple no longer shipping java with OSX. Windows never did. Linux does not. So what?

Actually, with Lion, they will make it extremely easy to install anyways. According to early reports about the developer preview release, when a user tries to run a java application (or install one), the operating system will look online for the latest runtime virtual machine and prompt the user to install it. IT'S EVEN EASIER THAN ON WINDOWS, PEOPLE! :D

You can get more info in this article.