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Updating Google Chrome on MacOSX is broken!

Or am i the only one who could never, ever, update Google Chrome through the "About" box?

Everytime i press "Update" here:

I get this:

Anyone knows if there a solution to this?

Bird versus window

Is it me or did a bird crash into this window? The smudges on the outside really suggest it. Fascinating stuff! Except for the bird, that is :)

Wank'o'meter is fun

Last night i laughed like i didn't in a really long time, watching my brother play with the android app "wank'o'meter". Try it out, it's guaranteed fun :)

Is Bin Laden dead? I'll believe it when i see it.

Are you kidding me? His body buried in the sea? This is the most wanted person in the history of the world and they don't bring back the body to prove - without a shadow of a doubt - that he is truly dead? Give me a break.

I'll believe he is gone when i see a body, no matter what Obama says.

Apple store delivers orders to the past

So apparently my iPad's smart cover will be delivered on the 6th of April. Today is the 21st...

But i'm not complaining. Not about that, at least. You see, they split up my order in two because the iPad is to be shipped later (25th of April). The problem is that an iPad cover is of no use without an actual iPad :)