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Sets - Link collections made simple

Meet [Sets](http://makesets.com), a website that allows you to create and maintain lists (or sets) of links. Much like with sex, you can do it solo or with other people. I think it has the potential to replace [Delicious](http://delicious.com) and other bookmarking sites even if, for now, it does not support tags or groups... although that's not necessarily a bad thing :)

The design is super simple and pleasing to the eye and they include a bookmarklet to help you link any webpage you visit, much like [Pinterest](http://pinterest.com) did. One of the features i love is the fact that it automatically retrieves the title for the link, based on the url you enter. I wish they would expand this to also retrieve pieces of text in the web page and let you choose if you wanted any of them as a start for the link's description.

Here's my first take on a set: [A collection of modern TV shows](http://www.makesets.com/best-tv-modern-shows). Check it out, you might have missed some ;)