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'Dashlane - Great alternative to 1Password'

If - like me - you are looking for a solution to manage all your passwords, don't feel like spending 50€ on [1Password](, and didn't feel convinced by the [other]( [alternatives](, then you will find joy when you learn about [Dashlane](

It features identity, wallet, and password management, all encrypted on their servers, with automatic web form filling and strong password generation. And ... it's free!

The catch is that, if you want synchronization across all your devices, you need the [premium service]( (about 20 dollars per year) which - in my opinion - is not too bad (by the way, you get to try that for 30 days for free). Considering that with - for example - 1Password you need to pay for updates anyways this seems like a better deal.

Of course - as always - [YMMV](

Change windows Administrator password

Recently I had some problems on my windows box and, somehow, I lost the administrator password. While trying to recover it from Linux, I managed to erase my entire partition table information. I thought everything was lost, but Linux (and google)once again came to my rescue: First, I managed to change the Administrator password using this: 1. sudo apt-get install chntpw 2. Mount the windows partition somewhere (say /media/win) 3. Head to /media/win/windows/system32/config 4. Execute this: chntpw -u administrator SAM. Then, after performing the stupid dd command that erased my MBR (and in the process deleted my entire partition table information), I managed to recover the partition table by using a command called "testdisk" (google for it ;)).