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Learning to sit-fly

Free flying is hard work, i'll tell you that. It's always very easy to watch guys like the Skywalkers, Omar Alhegelan, Tim Porter, and other skydiving idols and think: "hey, i could do that". But what we tend to forget is that, like most things in life that are worth doing, it takes time, dedication, and a lot of hard work to make them look easy.

Last weekend at the DZ me and my pal "totaly" tried a couple of exits in a sitting grip and the result, though undisputedly hilarious, was not what i was expecting. I feel i'm getting a lot better at sit flying, but when it comes to grips, man, do i need to practice.

Enjoy the video, we know we did love creating it, hehe!

Blue skies! ;)

Évora - 2010-12-19 from Pedro Assunção on Vimeo.

Landing is every man for himself

I hurt a knee the last time I was out jumping, on a downwind landing. And it was all because of a combination of stupidity and lack of knowledge. The first because I did something I shouldn't: I trusted a fellow skydiver's direction instead of the wind sleeve. Turns out his direction was perfect for his canopy's rate of descent, which allowed him to make his final turn upwind. The second cause for the crash was the lack of experience to deal with a downwind landing. Apparently one of the safest ways to do it is to land like a tandem: on your butt :) Lessons learned and hopefully my knee will heal fast so I can jump again soon and put all this behind me. Blue skies

Good blogging desktop client for mac (osx)

When i think about my mind's typical excuses not to write on this blog, the one that pops up the fastest is usually the lack of a good blogging desktop client for mac.

I know, i know, i should just shut the hell up, use Wordpress' web admin interface, and quit whining. But i have a big problem when it comes to writing: i'm lazy. Anything that takes more than a few clicks in order to start writing will make me want to fire up my desktop PC and play something. I once bought a desktop blogging client called Ecto (which i still use, from times to times), but i think it's no longer maintained properly since illumineX acquired it from it's maker - Adriaaan Tijsseling - in the spring of 2008. And to be honest it never felt quite awesome, complaining all the time about the malformed-ness of my youtube embedded code.

So i was wondering if any of you - the 2 people that actually read my blog - know about a nicer (WP) desktop client for the mac.

In other - completely unrelated - news: I have my own parachute rig now. Here are some pics:

DSCF0866 by nocivus

DSCF0867 by nocivus

A nicer way to pack your pilot chute

My good friend Ricardo recently pointed me to this video on how to properly pack your pilot chute. This method has the following advantages:

It's faster than traditional methods; You don't have to deal with excess of bridle; It will make sure that you don't have horse-shoe malfunctions due to the pilot beeing stuck inside the pocket; It's way cooler! ;)

Jumping, working, jumping, house hunting

I just realized i haven't posted in a while. The reason for that is threefold: i have been working a lot, jumping a lot more than i used to, and searching for a new house. That's right, i finally decided to actually buy a house, mainly because i'm tired of moving my stuff around all the time; i moved 5 times in the last 3 years (rented places in Holland).

Regarding skydiving, i'm currently looking for a nice used equipment (everything) with a 150ft2 main canopy. Preferably a Stilleto. So, if you know anyone who might be selling something like that, drop me a line.

Last weekend i managed to do 3 jumps, 2 of which in great company. You can check it out below:

Saltos Sofia from Pedro Assuncao on Vimeo.

Blue skies!