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Skydiving video - Suren Weekly

the usual dose of fun ;)

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200 skydives and a long way to go

This Saturday - while coming back from the dropzone - i noticed that my last jump of the day had been my 200th. After realizing it, i started thinking about what it means and came to the conclusion that it means nothing. Think about it: that's only about 3 hours of training (each skydive is around 1 minute), diluted across endless times of waiting to jump. Now, in any other sport, you can easily practice much more frequently and more at a time. And you would still be far, far away from becoming a pro. Hell, even people with 30 hours of skydiving time would not be considered even remotely close to pro in any other sport, since it takes much more than that to master anything.

So, while it does make me feel good to have achieved almost half of one of my current skydiving goals (becoming an instructor) and fully accomplishing another one (have enough jumps to start practicing wingsuit flying) i have to conclude that there is still a loooong way to go to achieve perfection. In the meantime, one tries to have fun walking the path ;)

Blue skies.

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New skydiving video - Figueira 2011-04-09

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Skydiving video - Fun Saturday including uncle's tandem

Great jump, uncle :D

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And the usual dose of fun ;)

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Skydiving video - Fun at Skydive Europe

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Super fun at the best DZ in the world: Skydive Europe.