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Apple iPhone event 2012 in bullet points

Running the risk of spoiling some things, i think i'll start with some of my favorite quotes from the live event :) Gizmodo on Jony Ive's video: "It's like saying you've been completely redesigned when you come back to eight grade two inches taller." "He's talking about the phone has been "completely redesigned," which is a very loose definition of either "completely" or "redesigned"." Engadget on the earpods: "Showing the old earbuds now, over 600 million have been shipped already to ruin 1200 million ears." Gizmodo on Siri: "I'm looking forward to the 2024 iPhone event when Siri's finally sentient." - And now the juice...

iPhone 5

Official name

Entirely in glass and aluminum (looks like the leaks)

Thinnest phone apple has made (7.6mm) 18% thinner than 4S

Weighs 112 grams 1/5 lighter

Retina display 326 PPI

4 inch display 1136x640 (16:9 aspect ratio)

1 more row of icons on start screen

Letter boxing for old apps

44% more color saturation. Full SRGB color spec

Integrated touch sensors into the display (thinner more glare-resistant)

LTE (4G) support

Voice and data on same chip (less space)

Automatic antenna switch, better signal

WIFI 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4GHz, dual channel 5GHz. (Ultrafast wireless - up to 150Mbps)

A6 chip (2x faster CPU, 2x faster graphics, 22% smaller)

8 hours 3G talk time / 225 hours standby / 10 hours wifi / 8 hours LTE browsing

8MP sensor camera

Dynamic low light mode

40% faster photo capture

Panorama photos (28MP images)

"Hit a button, swipe your phone around, boom giant picture."

1080p HD video. Video stabilization. 10 face detection.

720p front camera. Video stab. face detection.

FaceTime over cell networks

3 microphones (front, bottom, back)

Noise canceling earpiece

All the components getting smaller to make room for what needs to be bigger (battery)

Smaller connector cable called lightning (80% smaller, reversible - space reasons - only charges)

Some speaker brands working on lightning compatible devices

30pin to lightning adapter exists

Black and white versions


$199 for 16GB/$299 32GB/$399 64GB.

$99 16GB iPhone 4S

Preorder Sept 14

Shipping Sept 21. US Canada UK, France, Germany, Australia.

One week later to more countries. Fastest phone rollout ever. (sep 28 - Portugal included)

Free upgrade to iOS 6 on Sept 19

iOS 6

Share photo streams (likes/comments from friends)

New maps app

100 million POIs

New info card for restaurants

Turn by turn nav (wait for reviews)

No walking or subway directions yet

Satellite 3d imagery

Cinematic camera angles fly you around

Notification center improvements

Safari fullscreen mode

iCloud tabs (recover any tab you have open on ANY device)

VIPs in mail (special box)

Dynamic mailboxes for flagged messages

Passbook (airline boarding passes, movie tickets, coupons, etc) - shreds cards already used

Lock screen shows pass when you get to venue to use it

-Photos you take and share popup on your friends' iPhones (likes and comments possible)

Siri improvements

Facebook integration in siri (post to wall)

Overall more than 200 new features

iPhone 3GS will run iOS 6


New iTunes store on the iPad

Facebook "like" on all product pages

Completely redesigned (improved performance)

Preview while browsing (songs)

Better search results

Cleaner interface, no sidebar

iCloud builtin

iTunes store: concerts for artists

Available in "late October," so after iOS 6

ipod nano (7th gen)

More like the older, longer nano

Very small, longer screen

Aluminum body, plastic front

5.4mm thick (1/3 thinner)

Looks like a mini iPod touch

Lightning connector

2.5 inch multitouch display

Physical controls on the side

FM tuner (with live pause)

no iOS

Widescreen video

Fitness and pedometer built in

7 colors

Stream audio from the nano


iPod Nano is $149

Available in October

iPod touch (5th gen)

6.1mm thick (thinnest iPod touch ever)

88 grams

4 inch retina display

Widescreen video

Lightning connector

A5 chip (dual core cpu for iPod touch for the 1st time)

2x faster cpu and 7x faster graphics than previous gen

40 hours of music playback

8 hours of video playback

iSight camera (5MP)

Same five element lens as iPhone 5 (and sapphire crystal)

Panorama feature

Shared photo streams (iCloud)

iPhoto available for the touch as well

720p HD FaceTime camera. Back illumination.

Wrist strap (seriously?)

1080p HD video recording with stabilization and face detection

iOS 6

Siri on the touch

802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi bump

Airplay mirroring

5 colors … with matching wristband :)

4Gen iPod Touch still exists - $199 for 16GB, 32GB for $249.

New touch $299 32GB and 64GB for $399

Available in October

ipod Shuffle

7 new colors


iPod shuffle: $50

Available in October

New headphones : Earpods

3 years in design

Controls bigger and easier to use

Exactly like what was leaked a couple of weeks ago

Shaped like your ear, but does not seal it

Will be standard with Touch, Nano, and iPhone 5

Available today

And there you have it. Basically specs bumps and not a lot more. I fail to see, this time, why this warranted the spectacle of an Apple event. Maybe Apple is becoming just another company, which is a shame.

Skydiving video - Suren Weekly #7 - 2012

Last Sunday was fantastic: 4 wingsuit jumps, practicing with the team (including some artsy pushovers in the air and some failed back fly attempts, hehe), and a belly practice jump with Clara.

[vimeo clip_id="37168695" width="500" height="380"]

You can also see the video on vimeo.com, if you want :)

Skydiving video- Suren Weekly #4 2012

Crap, two months since i last blogged. I should do something about that. That was my thought just now.

And, without further ado, here's my skydiving video from last week (this week's still in editing :)). As you can see we are improving, getting ready for the international artistic championship in August. It's gonna be awesome!

[vimeo clip_id="36275845" width="500" height="380"]

Skydiving video - Suren Weekly

I'm recovering from a broken arm, but my friends keep on having fun as usual, hehe :D

[vimeo clip_id="31626993" width="500" height="380"]

200 skydives and a long way to go

This Saturday - while coming back from the dropzone - i noticed that my last jump of the day had been my 200th. After realizing it, i started thinking about what it means and came to the conclusion that it means nothing. Think about it: that's only about 3 hours of training (each skydive is around 1 minute), diluted across endless times of waiting to jump. Now, in any other sport, you can easily practice much more frequently and more at a time. And you would still be far, far away from becoming a pro. Hell, even people with 30 hours of skydiving time would not be considered even remotely close to pro in any other sport, since it takes much more than that to master anything.

So, while it does make me feel good to have achieved almost half of one of my current skydiving goals (becoming an instructor) and fully accomplishing another one (have enough jumps to start practicing wingsuit flying) i have to conclude that there is still a loooong way to go to achieve perfection. In the meantime, one tries to have fun walking the path ;)

Blue skies.

[vimeo clip_id="25967294" width="500" height="380"]