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Layar rocks, or how the Berlin wall is back up

I'm starting to love Layar more and more. One of the latest "layers" introduced was the ability to view the Berlin wall - as if it was still standing - by pointing your phone to the place where the wall used to exist. You can read the entire article here.

Do you see the potential? Being able to peek at any historical time and place and see what that location looked like a long long time ago. Imagine going to the Coloseum in Rome, Italy and watching a 3D gladiator fight happening in front of your eyes. Granted, that will take more development in augmented reality contact lenses (which, believe me, will exist in a near future) but for now you can potentially do that with your phone.

I really have to get an Android powered device :)

Omni-directional treadmill - Full VR for FPS games, here we go.

A company called Cyberwalk has created a 360 degree treadmill that allows one person to move freely in all directions while never leaving the same place. When this becomes smaller and less expensive I want one.

Get some virtual reality goggles in my face, a gun in my hand, and I can already see me playing call of duty on this thing :D

GamaRay - Open Source Augmented Reality Project

If you ever saw the GE eco website on the smartgrid, then you have experienced a bit of augmented reality using only your computer's webcam and a piece of paper.

This type of technology has now and opensource version. It's called Gamaray, and it allows you to play around with this on your Android powered phone. The packages can be downloaded from sourceforge.

New Open Source Augmented Reality Project |

junaio - 3D mobile augmented reality for iphone

I, like some people, heard about layar before, and how you can augment what you see through your phone. These guys (Junaio), however, go a step further and have the ability to add cool content to the reality scenes (like 3D objects for example). Checkout the video and learn more.

YouTube - junaio - 3D mobile augmented reality community.