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SecuritySpy Control

Yesterday i made my first attempt at selling an Android application on the Play Store. Knowing both the Apple Store and the Play Store, i can't help thinking that the latter was a much more pleasant experience than Apple's. Maybe because of the underlying web technology, or the fact that the pages loaded faster, or simply because the number of steps was lower and their explanation was much more trivial, i have to admit that i prefer Google's experience.

In any case, this is purely from a merchant developer's perspective, it has nothing to do with the stores' experiences to the customers. In that regard both Apple and Google did a fantastic job. Google even went the extra mile allowing you to purchase stuff on the web store and "telling" your device to install it automagically. I, for one, love that feature.

That's it. This was mostly a comparison post and, at the same time, an experiment for my new multisite blog installation with both English and my native language, Portuguese. If you click the flag on the left sidebar you should be transported to the same post in a different language. Fingers crossed ;)

OSX video streaming the easy way

The problem For a while now, i have been searching for a way to stream videos from my living room's Mac Mini to my other Macs across the house. Especially to my laptop (or in the future to my tablet) when i'm laying in bed. Yes, i know i'm lazy, but one has to take advantage of technology, right? :)

The problem is that i never found a nice enough way to do it. I tried streaming through VLC, but unfortunately the wireless network seems not to be enough to cope with the amount of data. Also, it's a bit cumbersome to have to setup the stream every time i want to watch a movie in bed. I looked into whether XBMC or Plex would do the trick and, although there are some built in server capabilities, i was never able to make it work for my needs. The solution Enter StreamToMe and ServeToMe. Both applications are available in the Mac Appstore (they also have iPhone, iPod, and iPad apps) and allow seamless video streaming across Macs. Painless. You define the folders you want to share in the server and the client gets to browse them, complete with video thumbnails. Extremely cool and practical, especially because they convert the videos on the fly so it plays smoothly even across 3G networks :D

From their website: "Files are live-transcoded into the native format for your device so you don't need to pre-convert your media. Adaptive bitrates mean that you can stream over WiFi or 3G." Now if i could just get an android version :)

Trying out the android app

So I come back from the road trip and what's they'd first thing I do? Install the wordpress android app so I can blog anywhere, hehe. I kind of decided to use my blog as it was intended (as a web log), not necessarily as people see them these days (as places to write longer pieces of text that cannot be tweeted). Peace

Layar rocks, or how the Berlin wall is back up

I'm starting to love Layar more and more. One of the latest "layers" introduced was the ability to view the Berlin wall - as if it was still standing - by pointing your phone to the place where the wall used to exist. You can read the entire article here.

Do you see the potential? Being able to peek at any historical time and place and see what that location looked like a long long time ago. Imagine going to the Coloseum in Rome, Italy and watching a 3D gladiator fight happening in front of your eyes. Granted, that will take more development in augmented reality contact lenses (which, believe me, will exist in a near future) but for now you can potentially do that with your phone.

I really have to get an Android powered device :)

Other (probably intelligent) wordpress plugins to install

Following up on my post about RAM (or lack of it), i decided to install a proper wordpress plugin to cache most of the stuff in static HTML files. It's called WP-SuperCache and i'm hoping it's really super :)

But now i cannot but wonder if i shouldn't - somehow - find a way to have nginx serving these static files instead of passing the request to apache. I'm already caching static JS, CSS, and image files with nginx, so that would probably make sense.

In other news, installed a plugin that serves a different Wordpress theme for mobile phones. It's called wordpress-mobile-edition, in case you are interested.

Google unveils Nexus One phone. Europe fail, though.

Google announced today the immediate availability of their first mobile smartphone, the Nexus One. For the US only, that is. If you happen to live in third world countries like Germany, France, Spain, etc. you will be greeted with the following sentence in their home page:

Sorry, the Nexus One phone is not available in your country.

Tough luck for all of us poor Europeans who will, as usual, have to wait for the latest gadgets to arrive (from the top of my head both the iphone and the motorola droid were released first in the US, being the latter still to be released in more countries than Germany and the UK).

I think I'll get an iphone, since Google obviously does not want Euro-scum buying their phone right now :)

New programming language (GO) and new mobile OS (Bada)

Wow, these have been a couple of crazy days: First Samsung announced a new operating system for mobile devices called Bada - that will compete directly with Google's Android - and the next day Google announces the creation of a new programming language, supposedly a cross between Python and C++, called Go.

It looks like today every company is trying to spread like a freaking octopus in every possible direction. Does this contradict the usual startup talks about focusing in a specific niche and being really good at it, or is it just that - as companies grow - the niche is no longer enough to buy ferraris for every manager? ;)