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A statement, a question, and a cool car

Let's start with the question: Who the hell can live happily in negative temperatures? Maybe i'm biased, given my warmer origins but - man - there's no way i could be happy living in a dark, cold place. It's no wonder people who work in dark places (miners, underground train drivers, etc) tend to be more depressed than people that live in warm climates. I mean, take South America for instance; even though they are not amongst the world's richest populations, they are all extremely positive and happy people.

Which brings us to the statement: If we were meant to live in the cold, we would not have been losing body hair along the centuries like we have. And yes, that's my 2 cents of "guessing" science to back up the previous question :)

Finally, i have to say i found this car really intriguing. If i didn't love my Citroen AX so much i might be tempted to buy one of these Daihatsu Materia: