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Some people are retards, but traffic signs don't help

Disclaimer: This post is mostly about Portuguese roads. Adapt to your own country as needed :)

Some people are retards. Period. No matter what, they will drive on the wrong lane, "forget" to indicate a direction/lane change, or just plainly drive like madmen. Here's a good example:

![A retard](/images/retard.png)

Others however - as i want to believe - are just misinformed or misled. In the following picture you can see a typical Portuguese highway.

![A retard](/images/2-lane.png)

What's wrong with it, you might ask? If it was you driving would you be inclined to drive on the correct (right) lane, or would you naturally assume that the right lane will exit? Why - oh why - would someone create a sign that spans 2 lanes when all 3 will continue normally throughout the highway? Makes little sense to me.

But let's look at another - more critical - example:

![A retard](/images/3-lane.png)

These 3 lanes will all continue for the rest of the highway. That being said, why would they put up these signs? Wouldn't it make a lot more sense to have one sign - that spans the 3 lanes - indicating the continuity of the main destination (A5 Lisboa - Linda-a-velha) and then - on top of the right lane - the indication that this lane will let you access "A9 Loures"?

I think with some improvements like this it would be easier to change drivers' mentalities and contribute to safer roads, don't you think?

The knee- it no worky!

A couple of years ago I sustained a knee injury while snowboarding and, although not very dramatic, it did leave kind of a light pain that comes out every now and then, especially when I put a lot of effort in my left leg.

After not giving it much thought for some time I recently discovered that, after putting on a bit of extra weight due to weight lifting every day, my knee started complaining again. So I went to a doctor to get some x-rays done and try to figure out what's wrong. Today I got the results.

Now, I don't know if the guys that write the x-ray reports have a 'cryptic writing' lecture in college or something like that, but it sure seems so. No simple folk can understand what they write on those things. And I don't even mean the medical terms. The sheer effort they put into sounding more "professicocky" (a word I promise I didn't just make up) is astonishing.

[caption id="attachment_1413" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="They're simple folk, you know, morons....."][/caption]

Why, oh why, can't you write for the simple people like me? :)


A statement, a question, and a cool car

Let's start with the question: Who the hell can live happily in negative temperatures? Maybe i'm biased, given my warmer origins but - man - there's no way i could be happy living in a dark, cold place. It's no wonder people who work in dark places (miners, underground train drivers, etc) tend to be more depressed than people that live in warm climates. I mean, take South America for instance; even though they are not amongst the world's richest populations, they are all extremely positive and happy people.

Which brings us to the statement: If we were meant to live in the cold, we would not have been losing body hair along the centuries like we have. And yes, that's my 2 cents of "guessing" science to back up the previous question :)

Finally, i have to say i found this car really intriguing. If i didn't love my Citroen AX so much i might be tempted to buy one of these Daihatsu Materia: