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My face in space?

[caption id="attachment_1103" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Congratulations, you're face has been stolen..."] [/caption]

Wanna get your face in space? Just go to NASA's website, choose a mission, and upload your pic. Time waste? Maybe. Fun to see your face in the rocket? Yep.

Space elevator tryouts

It turns out the space elevator technology is really progressing. This week three teams will be in the Mojave desert to try out their designs. The objective is to make a robotic machine climb up a cable, that is attached to an helicopter 1km above the ground, using laser beams.

The concept of the space elevator has been theorized in the 1960s but only now we are starting to see some progress in that direction.

Checkout the full article, here. You can get more information about the space elevator in the Spaceward foundation's website. To know more about the space elevator competition, visit this.