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Self physiotherapy

This is what my evenings look like now: moving my arm slowly, trying to recover wrist movement. It's unbelievable what one month of no mobility will do to your tendons and muscles. Hopefully next week I can start proper (professional) physiotherapy and do it faster.

[vimeo clip_id="31759548" width="500" height="380"]

Trekking goodness

Trekking, what a great way to spend time with friends, enjoy the wilderness, and exercise, all at the same time. I just came back from the hardest one so far. It was 2 days of very real mountain climbing (we managed to move about 1.1km vertically, for a grand total of 30km on the entire trip). Suffice to say I was exhausted when it ended and that yesterday's dinner was the best meal of my life :)

I'm in the process of uploading the video of the trip and will share it as the conversion process finishes on

Peace all ;)

Observations on vehicle traffic in India

I'll keep this one short. I am currently visiting Bangalore - in the context of a business trip - and these are my observations/thoughts about the traffic in the streets here :)

Most trucks don't have tail lights. I mean, who needs to see trucks in the highway anyways? :) There are trucks parked in the highway. On a lane. Not kidding! There are cars going in reverse in the middle of the road (also saw it once in a highway) Some people bike their way *against* the traffic flow (on the highway as well)! Lane marks are basically useless. If you have 3 lanes, you will probably have 5 cars side by side :) Using the horn is a form of communication. Seems to be analogous to the Sonar systems in the submarines. During the night lights are also used intensively for this purpose :) Roads have close to no illumination, which makes it much easier to run people over. You know, the ones that are crossing the highway on foot. Drivers will pass you wherever there is space open. Left, right, middle, doesn't really matter. Use the sonar :) There are signs saying "Please respect the traffic rules", hehe :) You can spot the occasional tractor in the highway. Most people don't speak a lot of English, but they all drive like Nigel Mansell or Damon Hill:)

Going on a road trip

For the past few years i've been playing around with the idea of going on a road trip but was never able to get anyone else on board. After people start working it becomes very hard to organize common vacations amongst friends, so it just never happened. Last month i decided that i *have* to go on a road trip, even if i have to go alone. At some point the idea started slowly to become an "into the wild" kind of thing and it became clear that going solo will be a much richer experience. Not that i don't like company, on the contrary, but i will have complete freedom to go wherever i feel like going :)

And so it is. This Saturday i'll get some stuff in my car and take off, with only a rough idea of where i want to go. My plan is to visit the most isolated places in my beautiful country (Portugal) - something that i have been wanting to do for ages - and take a gazillion pictures to show off this awesome corner of Europe to anyone that wants to visit it.

Later i'll post a list of things i'm taking with me (yep, there's some thought to that, i'm not going Rambo on this one :)), maybe it can help other fellow adventurers :)

Here's the rough plan, (very) subject to change:

Isn't music very similar?

One thing that both annoys and amazes me is the limited number of chord combinations in most songs. It's extremely frequent to hear a musical composition and get that feeling that you heard it before. And we are probably right most of the times.

In the last AC/DC album there is a song entitled "Big Jack". As soon as i heard it i immediately recalled another song by a very polemic Portuguese singer from the the 80s: António Variações (look up his songs, they were pretty innovative back then, actually).

I still trying to think why i am writing this but guess that i can't help wondering, first, why aren't there any more musical notes (i guess i should look that up) and, second, why most bands don't explore more and keep falling to the same chord combinations all the time. The easy explanation is the amount of money that you can make with little work on a catchy pop song, but i feel sad if that's the only one.