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I'm struggling to find the "awe" factor in the current incarnation of 3D TV. Don't get me wrong, it's nice. But it's just not what i had in mind when i thought about 3D television for the first time. In my mind, i see it as virtual space where you can turn anywhere to watch whatever you want at any given time. Either with buildings or some other clever analogy that fits our brains, but not the current "stereoscopic", goggle-based, thing that we call 3D.

As far as movies go, i wanna be inside the action! I want to be able to run (or drive) after the vilains that are chasing the good guys. I want to be able to follow the good guys for the whole movie, or just sit on top of a really tall building and see everything happening from above. Anything less than that and i simply cannot call it 3D TV.

But then again, i have been accused of having bad temper :)

Qik-in-touch. See your friends in realtime. just released a desktop application to view qik videos. Here's the mandatory screenshot:

Although it's a cool addition to the awesome qik service, I have to say I am a bit disappointed.

Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that I now have a "friends TV channel" kind of thing in my desktop, but I was expecting it to allow me to stream from the desktop application also.

Maybe in the next version, qik? ;)