Small experiments and side projects

  • DSeries - a small Java app to download subtitles for your favorite TV series.
  • Popcorn - a platform to store physical documents and perform OCR on them. The documents can then be searched in the web interface.
  • Sandbox - a Ruby on Rails app with several experiments, including an earthquake finder, an automatic text topic extractor, and a Red Hot Chili Peppers song title generator.
  • Simple-rails-blog - a dead simple RoR blog app.
  • Video Maker - a Java app that can generate presentations from a bunch of images and text in a (semi) automated way.
  • JPG Image Organizer - small Ruby script that organizes your JPG images in a year/month folder structure.
  • Live View Memory Game - card memory game in Phoenix LiveView.
  • Trello todo board clone in Phoenix LiveView.

Game development courses

Game development tutorials