Cool Elixir libraries edit

20 November 2019

All Ruby/Rails developers know that for features neither provides, there is probably a Ruby Gem contributed by someone in the community that solves that problem.

Elixir's equivalent to Ruby Gems are Hex packages. Hex is a package manager that provides reusable libraries for both Elixir and the Erlang ecosystem.

When you first start developing in Elixir it's hard to track down the best libraries, so here's my pick after 6 months of Elixir'ing:

Utility functions and Utility AI, a practical example edit

26 October 2019

This video explores a bit of utility based AI for tile based position selection by applying re-usable considerations to the decision making mechanism.

It is probably an oversimplification of the term Utility AI, but should be a reasonable introduction to the theme.

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Elixir/Phoenix PubSub messages between different applications edit

18 July 2019

I recently picked up Elixir and Phoenix as development tools and i'm loving them. The Erlang virtual machine (BEAM) where code runs is an amazingly simple, yet powerful, system that allows for some really hard things like inter-process communication to become simple.

Phoenix's PubSub makes this process even simpler. The only problem is that the documentation at times is not that simple to follow, and i have to admit i lost more time than i wanted getting it to work properly.

The problem

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