Elixir/Phoenix PubSub messages between different applications edit

18 July 2019

I recently picked up Elixir and Phoenix as development tools and i'm loving them. The Erlang virtual machine (BEAM) where code runs is an amazingly simple, yet powerful, system that allows for some really hard things like inter-process communication to become simple.

Phoenix's PubSub makes this process even simpler. The only problem is that the documentation at times is not that simple to follow, and i have to admit i lost more time than i wanted getting it to work properly.

The problem


UE4 Procedural Ladders

07 April 2019

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Image organizer based on exif data

27 February 2019

Here's a new script: Goes through all the folders for which you call it and finds and organizes JPG images.

The need came when i downloaded all my Google Photos and wanted to organize them in year and month folders.

Basically the script reads the EXIF data in the images and moves them into photos/<year>/<month>. If it cannot read the metadata, or fails parsing the date, or another weird reason, it skips that image and moves on.

Code (and instructions) available at https://github.com/noc...

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