Introducing DSeries - A torrent tvshow episode fetcher

9 years ago

Good morning,

I would like to introduce [DSeries](, a simple TV show episode torrent file downloader, similar but simpler than [TED]( and [TVShows](

It attempts to do one simple thing in the most effective way: To find a valid torrent file for episode X of the Y season of a list of TV shows. To do that, it uses [TVRage]( as a means to get information about the shows, and [ISOHunt]( to find the torrent file to download.

Being focused on one torrent search engine allows it to take advantage of custom metadata (votes, downloads, etc) to figure out the validity (or fakeness) of a certain torrent. This way i'm attempting to avoid downloading password protected files, or plain bogus videos that have nothing to do with what we are trying to find.

I hope you find it useful and, if you like my work, please [donate 1 Euro](

## Download links: Note that these might be out of date, visit the bitbucket downloads to check for [more recent builds](

- [Mac OSX](; - [Windows, Linux, etc.](

Have fun :)