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Arm broken equals free time

I have broken an arm. This is the 1st time in my life that I have broken any bones in my body. And it sucks!

But, rather than being all pessimistic about it, I prefer to see the positive side. See, you get a lot of free time to do things that you probably have been postponing for ages. For instance, taking care of your taxes, organizing all the receipts of last year's expenses, or even turning an old laptop into a hallway digital information system (yes, with one arm). These are the kind of things that I would definitely be dragging on for years before I finally came around to doing them.

Another good side of this situation is the fact that you learn how to be more resourceful because, obviously with only one available arm, trivial everyday tasks become rather challenging. To give you an example I bet that you have never tried to put on socks or open bottles with only one hand. This actually gave me an interesting idea which is to write a couple of posts about easier ways to perform some of these tasks. But that's something for another occasion.

The same good side about breaking a bone, time, is also in itself really crappy. I cannot wait to go skydiving again so, naturally, I had to ask my doctor whether there was a way I could speed up the healing process. Maybe with some kind of calcium and/or vitamin supplements, I thought, my body would be good to go in a month. Of course the doctor, after laughing in my face, proceeded to explain that there isn't really anything you can do but wait. The tissue regeneration takes about 3 weeks. Because, when you break a bone, you also do a lot of damage to the surrounding flesh, tendons, and muscles. The bone itself takes about 5 weeks to reach a state of good calcification. Finally, when you get the cast taken off, you have to do a bit of physiotherapy to get back the amplitude of movement on the joint(s) that have been on cast. The bone calcification will continue on for one or 2 months, after which it will be so much stronger that you will never break it in that same place again.

The bottom line is my doctor has now become my newest skydiving instructor: I will only be allowed to go up when he says so :-)

How to lose half your page visits in 1 month (and how to recover from it)

A while back i changed my blog domain name from to However, i was dumb enough not to redirect the traffic to the new name - in a transition period. The result? A drop from 100+ visits per day to less than 20.

I have to admit that it kind of bummed me out a little. Being a Buddhist-light i tried my best not to let it get to me and told myself that it would eventually recover just as long as i kept writing stuff that can help some people - combined with nicely chosen post titles and search engine keywords.

Turns out i was right: a couple of months later the visits are slowly recovering - as you can see from the screenshot of my analytics account.

That is all very neat but where is the "helping people" part, you might ask. Here it is: I thought i might share some of the techniques i currently employ to attract people to look at what i write. They are no different from what others have blogged about before, but it's always good to share this information around with prospective new bloggers:

Write about stuff that you think will help other people. This may mean writing about solutions to problems you yourself encountered, or just writing about interesting stuff you did/saw/ate/whatever that other humans will possibly find interesting :) Read a lot of news/blogs/stories about stuff that you have interest in. And *write insightful* comments on them. Most comments systems will allow you to enter your URL and/or twitter name and will show those in the comments you write. This is a great way to drive the curious people back to your site; For every helpful post you write, submit the link to the major news sites (think digg, reddit, hacker news, etc). This will make sure that search engines will have more interest in your site, since you will be linked back when they crawl those. It will also make some more people aware of what you are writing, which leads me to the following point... ...Write catchy post titles. And by catchy i don't mean cheesy or sensationalist. Create a habit of getting to the point in your titles while - at the same time - being original to entice curiosity. Writing titles is a form of art in itself, believe me; Link whenever you are referencing something that can be linked to. Again, search engines will use this information to your advantage in page rankings. And other bloggers will appreciate the traffic, so it's a win-win situation :)

That's it. Happy blogging, and feel free to drop me a line ;)

Apple will remove java from OSX with Lion, so what?

I don't get all the fuss about Apple no longer shipping java with OSX. Windows never did. Linux does not. So what?

Actually, with Lion, they will make it extremely easy to install anyways. According to early reports about the developer preview release, when a user tries to run a java application (or install one), the operating system will look online for the latest runtime virtual machine and prompt the user to install it. IT'S EVEN EASIER THAN ON WINDOWS, PEOPLE! :D

You can get more info in this article.