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Update server not available (error- 12) on OSX

Here's the definitive fix for this annoying-as-hell problem:

1. Run the following on the command line: sudo /Library/Google/GoogleSoftwareUpdate/GoogleSoftwareUpdate.bundle/Contents/Resources/GoogleSoftwareUpdateAgent.app/Contents/Resources/install.py --uninstall 2. Restart Chrome.

Taken from here.


SecuritySpy Control

Yesterday i made my first attempt at selling an Android application on the Play Store. Knowing both the Apple Store and the Play Store, i can't help thinking that the latter was a much more pleasant experience than Apple's. Maybe because of the underlying web technology, or the fact that the pages loaded faster, or simply because the number of steps was lower and their explanation was much more trivial, i have to admit that i prefer Google's experience.

In any case, this is purely from a merchant developer's perspective, it has nothing to do with the stores' experiences to the customers. In that regard both Apple and Google did a fantastic job. Google even went the extra mile allowing you to purchase stuff on the web store and "telling" your device to install it automagically. I, for one, love that feature.

That's it. This was mostly a comparison post and, at the same time, an experiment for my new multisite blog installation with both English and my native language, Portuguese. If you click the flag on the left sidebar you should be transported to the same post in a different language. Fingers crossed ;)

How to get the "watch" command line tool on OSX

1. Download it. curl -O http://sveinbjorn.org/files/software/watch-0.3-macosx.zip 2. Unzip and move into folder.

2. Make file executable. chmod +x watch 3. Move it to somewhere in $PATH. sudo mv watch /usr/local/bin/ 4. Done.


Mitochondria regeneration method found. Wanna live forever?

Scientists have found a compound that creates new Mitochondria structures inside aging cells. This can lead to the reversal of cellular aging, the main reason why you die :)

As we age, our tissues' mitochondria start to get damaged (you can think of it as the tail of a long chord, that gets ripped progressively as you drag it through the floor). A 90 year old man's muscle tissue will have around 95% damaged mitochondria, as opposed to no damaged at all in a little kid. If we can stop this process, we might live forever :)

More technical juice in the original article.

OSX video streaming the easy way

The problem For a while now, i have been searching for a way to stream videos from my living room's Mac Mini to my other Macs across the house. Especially to my laptop (or in the future to my tablet) when i'm laying in bed. Yes, i know i'm lazy, but one has to take advantage of technology, right? :)

The problem is that i never found a nice enough way to do it. I tried streaming through VLC, but unfortunately the wireless network seems not to be enough to cope with the amount of data. Also, it's a bit cumbersome to have to setup the stream every time i want to watch a movie in bed. I looked into whether XBMC or Plex would do the trick and, although there are some built in server capabilities, i was never able to make it work for my needs. The solution Enter StreamToMe and ServeToMe. Both applications are available in the Mac Appstore (they also have iPhone, iPod, and iPad apps) and allow seamless video streaming across Macs. Painless. You define the folders you want to share in the server and the client gets to browse them, complete with video thumbnails. Extremely cool and practical, especially because they convert the videos on the fly so it plays smoothly even across 3G networks :D

From their website: "Files are live-transcoded into the native format for your device so you don't need to pre-convert your media. Adaptive bitrates mean that you can stream over WiFi or 3G." Now if i could just get an android version :)

How to lose half your page visits in 1 month (and how to recover from it)

A while back i changed my blog domain name from diffract.me to pedroassuncao.com. However, i was dumb enough not to redirect the traffic to the new name - in a transition period. The result? A drop from 100+ visits per day to less than 20.

I have to admit that it kind of bummed me out a little. Being a Buddhist-light i tried my best not to let it get to me and told myself that it would eventually recover just as long as i kept writing stuff that can help some people - combined with nicely chosen post titles and search engine keywords.

Turns out i was right: a couple of months later the visits are slowly recovering - as you can see from the screenshot of my analytics account.

That is all very neat but where is the "helping people" part, you might ask. Here it is: I thought i might share some of the techniques i currently employ to attract people to look at what i write. They are no different from what others have blogged about before, but it's always good to share this information around with prospective new bloggers:

Write about stuff that you think will help other people. This may mean writing about solutions to problems you yourself encountered, or just writing about interesting stuff you did/saw/ate/whatever that other humans will possibly find interesting :) Read a lot of news/blogs/stories about stuff that you have interest in. And *write insightful* comments on them. Most comments systems will allow you to enter your URL and/or twitter name and will show those in the comments you write. This is a great way to drive the curious people back to your site; For every helpful post you write, submit the link to the major news sites (think digg, reddit, hacker news, etc). This will make sure that search engines will have more interest in your site, since you will be linked back when they crawl those. It will also make some more people aware of what you are writing, which leads me to the following point... ...Write catchy post titles. And by catchy i don't mean cheesy or sensationalist. Create a habit of getting to the point in your titles while - at the same time - being original to entice curiosity. Writing titles is a form of art in itself, believe me; Link whenever you are referencing something that can be linked to. Again, search engines will use this information to your advantage in page rankings. And other bloggers will appreciate the traffic, so it's a win-win situation :)

That's it. Happy blogging, and feel free to drop me a line ;)

Eclipse IDE introduces ... wait for it ... a market place!

Application markets and stores are all the rage these days. Let's see, there's the apple store, the android market, Microsoft's app store, Nokia's OVI store, and probably a gazillion more. It's like if you don't have one, you don't really exist.

Well, now the eclipse IDE has got one as well. You can get plugins and the likes there, in which seems to be an easier way to find components to install. Gone are the times when you had to copy and paste endless amounts of update sites to install your favorite plugins. Or so i hope :)

Lighter naval ships made of aluminum foam

I can't believe this is so hard to find on Google. Someone sent me a documentary video (in Portuguese - unfortunately - but, if you understand German, the creators of this idea speak in their native language) and i can find hardly any references to this online.

It's basically about using a special aluminum powder that, when heated, transforms into a foam that is - check it out - lighter than water. Yes, imagine ships 30% lighter, that can carry many many more tons of materials. Less trips = less pollution = win/win ;)

Here's a link to a 1998 paper about this.

I wonder if this technology is already in use in today's ships and, if not, why?