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Can't touch this (iphone) nah, nah nah nah

Ok, this is so freaking hilarious that i cannot help it but sharing. It seems that, when faced with the impossibility of using their iPhones with gloves on, some Koreans have started using miniature sausages (yes, sausages) for that effect. It seems that the composition of the sausage is similar enough to a human finger for the touch screen to work.

I wonder what someone in the 80s would say if you told them that - in the future - people will use sausages as a way to interact with computers...

Ancient egyptians had bad teeth

I don't know about you, but they just destroyed a bit of my fascination for ancient Egypt...

Turns out that 18% of the 3000 mummies discovered so far presented signs of really bad dental problems which, in retrospective, is something that one would expect at those times when Colgate and Pepsodent were not around :)

The autopsies were possible using computer tomography techniques, which allow scientists to better understand mummies (including cause of death) without disturbing them.