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Seal skin? Really, Crowne Plaza?!?

This is my fourth time in Amsterdam since i started working remotely. Obviously, once i moved back to Portugal i took all my belongings there and gave up my house in Holland so, every time i come to Amsterdam i have to stay at an hotel in the city. I have experienced three, so far: the Movenpick, the NH Caransa (in Rembrandtplein), and the Crowne Plaza.

All of them are pretty good hotels, though my preference goes definitely to the Movenpick. Probably because they are located in a place that was stolen from the waters, hence allowing them to build a proper hotel building, and not confined to an old historic, small, city centre edification. This means the rooms are bigger, and the whole place looks - well - newer. It is also closer to the central train station, though further from the city centre. But i still prefer it even though their website is done in Coldfusion. Sorry for the geeky comment but i could not help myself :)

But this post is not about the hotels; this post is about something i noticed this morning while showering at the Crowne Plaza. Turns out that the shower curtains in that place are made by a company called "SealSkin". That's right, seal skin.

Now, i'm no hardcore environmentalist, but i would assume the Plaza (and especially this company) to be a bit more sensitive about company names. Is this a thing from older times, when wearing skin was fashionable, or do typical 4/5 star hotel customers (i'm guessing filthy rich business men) still think like this?

Super regeneration, here we go

A new study has found that a specific gene (P21) is directly linked to regenerative properties that you typically find in reptilian creatures, such as salamanders. Apparently, when deactivated, this gene allows mice cells to behave more like stem cells and fully regenerate wounds without leaving any scars. Are we close to super fast regeneration, and eventually immortality? :)

You can find the entire article here.