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Thoughts on writing

Sometimes i wonder why anyone enjoys writing at all.

As if my mind was not confusing enough, with all the absurd and senseless thoughts that run through my head all day long. Why the hell would i want to write any of that on paper? For later to recall, as the famous Portuguese ad went? I know i will "later" laugh while reading all of it but that can't be the only purpose? To organize chaos? To try to motivate myself to write, so i don't lose the skill? To not allow my calligraphy to completely die on me? To try to keep some grammatical capacity i might still possess?

It is definitely not to burn time! Between work, computer games, playing guitar or drums, practice martial arts, and so many other possible occupations, i can think of better choices to spend it.

Then why? Is there a goal? Just good for the soul? :)

Browser and visitor statistics

Was just now looking at google analytics for my blog and got some surprises, especially when it comes to the browser people use to access it. Seems that Chrome is leading and Internet Explorer is dead. Long live Internet Explorer :D

[caption id="attachment_1427" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Browser usage"][/caption]

Also, very interesting is the fact that i'm Portuguese and Portugal is not on the top visitors' countries list. Special thanks to my followers in India, you know who you are :)

[caption id="attachment_1426" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Language"][/caption]

UPDATE: As requested by a friend of mine, here are some more statistics: Top sources and keywords.

[caption id="attachment_1431" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Top sources chart"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1430" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Top sources list"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1429" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Top keywords"][/caption]

Peace out ;)

Venting, or how humans no longer respect each other

Is it me or people are respecting each other less and less every day? You see it all the time: someone trying to get in line in front of you - at the supermarket, people yelling at their kids in the middle of the street (and the kids yelling back at their parents), you name it. I'm not even trying to take me out of it; how many times have i felt compelled - while driving my car - to accelerate a bit more not to let another driver get into a roundabout in front of me, or something like that? But i digress into specifics. Heck, this post was started because i was trying to sleep and my neighbors' kids are having a party at midnight on a Wednesday, when people usually work the next day. And even though my Buddhist part tries its best to compensate it's always hard.

I often wonder what will happen to us, people, if we continue down this path of disrespectfulness towards each other. What kind of future can we expect, when we treat each other with such poor manners? Shouldn't we think about these things more often and try to improve ourselves?

Random notes on India

Some random notes i scribbled down in my little paper notepad, on my trip from Bangalore to Goa, this weekend:

Saw 10 people inside a car that could normally only hold 5; Took me 2 hours to drive 17Km inside Bangalore; Saw a movie theater that was only showing Indian movies; Products usually have a date of manufacture, as opposed to expiry date; You don't see many foreigners on the streets (i was pretty much the only one everywhere i went); There are drinking water trucks distributing on the streets; From times to times there are cows roaming between the cars, especially on smaller roads; Indians are very humble and seem not to get pissed off easily (if you see the traffic here, you'll understand why stress cannot possibly affect them); Highways are a place of gathering; There are people walking, you can go in reverse, get into the opposite lanes; People get into and out of buses while it's still moving, usually taking the times when it's turning or slowing down for other cars to pass; Our bus - at some point during the night - had to reverse in the highway, because the driver overshot the place where we were supposed to stop for a break; At some point there was this really thick fog (you could not see 5 meters in front of the bus), but the driver still kept going at the same (insane) speed :) The second stop was in some remote place that had nothing but a road and a farm. Peaceful; Food at the hotel in Goa (Marigold - Panaji) is around 3 Euro per meal; Some dishes are even cheaper (around 1.5 Euro); One single bed room there was around 2000 Rupees for 1 night (40 euro); On the way there, more hardware stores could be seen than places with food; In Goa is also rare to find foreigners on the streets; From Panaji to Calangute (beaches) is about 30 minutes by scooter; Aguada fort is great :) Cricket is the national sport; You can find a lot of people watching the games on TV shops' stands; Domino's pizza in Goa: found a pizza that is not spicy; Correction, after pouring the so-called Oregano condiments, it is a bit spicy. Turns out the "Oregano" also contained white and black pepper; A lot of the tourism is internal. Which makes sense, considering the size of the country; 60 cl of Cola = 30 rupees = 60 euro cents; 1 cent = 1 cl :) It's very funny that there is a guard at the church door, keeping people from entering the "house of the lord" after the service has started.

Will operating systems become user interface agnostic?

After reading a post in, about the dual core ARM phone that can run both Android and Ubuntu at the same time, i can't help being excited about the possibilities that the near future holds for us, mobile-wise.

I'm pretty sure that - at some point in time - we will not need laptops or desktop computers anymore; we can just go around with our tablets and/or phones and - when we need more screen space to work - just plug it into an external setup (screen, mouse, keyboard) and hack away.

Which brings me to think that the next versions of mobile operating systems will become more and more full fledged operating systems as we traditionally think of them on the desktop. Sure, right now they are being tailored to suit touch screen interfaces (tablets, phones), but i think we might get to a point where they will have to become user interface agnostic, to allow this type of hybrid behavior.