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Future me

If you still haven't heard of futureme.org, then you definitely need to check it out. It's a service that will store messages addressed to yourself sometime in the future. I've been using it for a few years now and i'm always amazed when i get my own message from the past and see how much my life has changed in one year alone. Imagine if you send yourself a message to be read 10 years from now :)

Check it out. Some laughs are definitely guaranteed next year ;)

Thoughts on writing

Sometimes i wonder why anyone enjoys writing at all.

As if my mind was not confusing enough, with all the absurd and senseless thoughts that run through my head all day long. Why the hell would i want to write any of that on paper? For later to recall, as the famous Portuguese ad went? I know i will "later" laugh while reading all of it but that can't be the only purpose? To organize chaos? To try to motivate myself to write, so i don't lose the skill? To not allow my calligraphy to completely die on me? To try to keep some grammatical capacity i might still possess?

It is definitely not to burn time! Between work, computer games, playing guitar or drums, practice martial arts, and so many other possible occupations, i can think of better choices to spend it.

Then why? Is there a goal? Just good for the soul? :)

Venting, or how humans no longer respect each other

Is it me or people are respecting each other less and less every day? You see it all the time: someone trying to get in line in front of you - at the supermarket, people yelling at their kids in the middle of the street (and the kids yelling back at their parents), you name it. I'm not even trying to take me out of it; how many times have i felt compelled - while driving my car - to accelerate a bit more not to let another driver get into a roundabout in front of me, or something like that? But i digress into specifics. Heck, this post was started because i was trying to sleep and my neighbors' kids are having a party at midnight on a Wednesday, when people usually work the next day. And even though my Buddhist part tries its best to compensate it's always hard.

I often wonder what will happen to us, people, if we continue down this path of disrespectfulness towards each other. What kind of future can we expect, when we treat each other with such poor manners? Shouldn't we think about these things more often and try to improve ourselves?

The knee- it no worky!

A couple of years ago I sustained a knee injury while snowboarding and, although not very dramatic, it did leave kind of a light pain that comes out every now and then, especially when I put a lot of effort in my left leg.

After not giving it much thought for some time I recently discovered that, after putting on a bit of extra weight due to weight lifting every day, my knee started complaining again. So I went to a doctor to get some x-rays done and try to figure out what's wrong. Today I got the results.

Now, I don't know if the guys that write the x-ray reports have a 'cryptic writing' lecture in college or something like that, but it sure seems so. No simple folk can understand what they write on those things. And I don't even mean the medical terms. The sheer effort they put into sounding more "professicocky" (a word I promise I didn't just make up) is astonishing.

[caption id="attachment_1413" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="They're simple folk, you know, morons....."][/caption]

Why, oh why, can't you write for the simple people like me? :)


Trekking goodness

Trekking, what a great way to spend time with friends, enjoy the wilderness, and exercise, all at the same time. I just came back from the hardest one so far. It was 2 days of very real mountain climbing (we managed to move about 1.1km vertically, for a grand total of 30km on the entire trip). Suffice to say I was exhausted when it ended and that yesterday's dinner was the best meal of my life :)

I'm in the process of uploading the video of the trip and will share it as the conversion process finishes on vimeo.com.

Peace all ;)

Pooping- you're doing it wrong

Ever found yourself sitting  in the toilet and, when it's that time to do some pushing, instinctively getting on your toes to help the process? Well, it turns out that there is a reason for that: Humans have an easier time pooping in a crouching position. So when you get on your toes you are just getting closer to that shape.

And - as it turns out - there are 6 other things we might be doing wrong all our lives. Live and learn :)

The guy that took one picture of himself for 6 years

Remember Noah Kalina, the guy who took a picture of his face for 6 and a half years? Well, he still continues to do it. I'm guessing he wants to have a complete record of what he looked like through all his life.

In his website you can see all the photos, by year. It's incredible that you can easily tell in which ones he was sick, just judging by his face :)

I really admire his strength of will, to be able to carry on with his project :)

Mitochondria regeneration method found. Wanna live forever?

Scientists have found a compound that creates new Mitochondria structures inside aging cells. This can lead to the reversal of cellular aging, the main reason why you die :)

As we age, our tissues' mitochondria start to get damaged (you can think of it as the tail of a long chord, that gets ripped progressively as you drag it through the floor). A 90 year old man's muscle tissue will have around 95% damaged mitochondria, as opposed to no damaged at all in a little kid. If we can stop this process, we might live forever :)

More technical juice in the original article.

Google Circles... Lycos tried that in 2004.

There's a lot of hype around the potentially upcoming Google Circles, the fancy new social networking website by the search giant. But - as it turns out - Lycos tried exactly the same back in 2004. Judging by the number of people who know this, they failed.

From their press release at the time: "Lycos Circles gives users a one-stop shop for sharing things, discussing and staying in touch with their favorite circles of people," said David Kim, CEO of Lycos. "Lycos Circles helps you be more efficient at socializing and staying connected with family, friends and the groups you care about most." So i started thinking about how exactly does an idea become successful. It's not enough for a product to be useful because, if no one knows about it, it will never take off. It's also not enough to have hype around it, when it does nothing of what people need it to do. And - of course - timing is very important; we have to keep in mind that when Lycos tried this - in the end of 2004 - was the time when Facebook was starting to ramp up. And no one was worried about privacy issues back then, Facebook was God.

So i guess - in the end - success is a combination of timing, hype/connections, usefulness, and luck :)

Did a Russian scientist just invent an anti-aging pill?

He seems to be a very respected scientist in his field, with a lot of publications and a job at a very prestigious university. Even Gunter Blobel, a biochemist and Nobel laureate seems to respect him quite a bit. Is it just a couple of years until we are able to remain young and healthy - potentially - forever? Who never dreamed of living forever? I sure do!

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