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New blog layout

It was bound to happen; I get easily bored with website layouts and i saw that cluttered old design going away for some time now.

This new theme, a much more clean version, is an adaptation of Fiver, by Stinkyinkshop. I think it works really well, wouldn't you say? :)

Venting, or how humans no longer respect each other

Is it me or people are respecting each other less and less every day? You see it all the time: someone trying to get in line in front of you - at the supermarket, people yelling at their kids in the middle of the street (and the kids yelling back at their parents), you name it. I'm not even trying to take me out of it; how many times have i felt compelled - while driving my car - to accelerate a bit more not to let another driver get into a roundabout in front of me, or something like that? But i digress into specifics. Heck, this post was started because i was trying to sleep and my neighbors' kids are having a party at midnight on a Wednesday, when people usually work the next day. And even though my Buddhist part tries its best to compensate it's always hard.

I often wonder what will happen to us, people, if we continue down this path of disrespectfulness towards each other. What kind of future can we expect, when we treat each other with such poor manners? Shouldn't we think about these things more often and try to improve ourselves?

Trekking goodness

Trekking, what a great way to spend time with friends, enjoy the wilderness, and exercise, all at the same time. I just came back from the hardest one so far. It was 2 days of very real mountain climbing (we managed to move about 1.1km vertically, for a grand total of 30km on the entire trip). Suffice to say I was exhausted when it ended and that yesterday's dinner was the best meal of my life :)

I'm in the process of uploading the video of the trip and will share it as the conversion process finishes on vimeo.com.

Peace all ;)

Guru meditation error

While reading my morning web comics, i noticed this error in wulffmorgenthaler: Guru meditation error.

Apparently this is the default way the Varnish HTTP cache shows errors and - as it turns out - it comes from the old Commodore Amiga times.

It's always refreshing to find more developers with a sense of humor :D

Observations on vehicle traffic in India

I'll keep this one short. I am currently visiting Bangalore - in the context of a business trip - and these are my observations/thoughts about the traffic in the streets here :)

Most trucks don't have tail lights. I mean, who needs to see trucks in the highway anyways? :) There are trucks parked in the highway. On a lane. Not kidding! There are cars going in reverse in the middle of the road (also saw it once in a highway) Some people bike their way *against* the traffic flow (on the highway as well)! Lane marks are basically useless. If you have 3 lanes, you will probably have 5 cars side by side :) Using the horn is a form of communication. Seems to be analogous to the Sonar systems in the submarines. During the night lights are also used intensively for this purpose :) Roads have close to no illumination, which makes it much easier to run people over. You know, the ones that are crossing the highway on foot. Drivers will pass you wherever there is space open. Left, right, middle, doesn't really matter. Use the sonar :) There are signs saying "Please respect the traffic rules", hehe :) You can spot the occasional tractor in the highway. Most people don't speak a lot of English, but they all drive like Nigel Mansell or Damon Hill:)

Learning to sit-fly

Free flying is hard work, i'll tell you that. It's always very easy to watch guys like the Skywalkers, Omar Alhegelan, Tim Porter, and other skydiving idols and think: "hey, i could do that". But what we tend to forget is that, like most things in life that are worth doing, it takes time, dedication, and a lot of hard work to make them look easy.

Last weekend at the DZ me and my pal "totaly" tried a couple of exits in a sitting grip and the result, though undisputedly hilarious, was not what i was expecting. I feel i'm getting a lot better at sit flying, but when it comes to grips, man, do i need to practice.

Enjoy the video, we know we did love creating it, hehe!

Blue skies! ;)

Évora - 2010-12-19 from Pedro Assunção on Vimeo.

Zen garden

My mother just offered me a mini zen garden. How cool is that?

Merry Christmas

To all my readers, and even though I'm considering turning Buddhist, I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

May all your wishes for the new year come true and let's hope we have some more time in this earth after 2012 ;)