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236 hours until my first airplane jump

23 January 2015

Getting excited, so I setup an online stopwatch hahahaha :D Posted via email from nocivus' ramblings

Way to wait for all threads to finish in Python

23 January 2015

Not sure if it's the best way, but I found this example in an webarchive page and it kind of makes more sense than keeping a list of the threads and cycling all the time checking if they are active or not: while threading.activeCount()>1:    sleep(1)Not sure if this works, but have to try :)Posted by email from nocivus (posterous)

My computer

23 January 2015

My computer is amazing. He (I will always refer to it as an entity, even though I am aware that *it* is still not aware of itself) is capable of executing a tremendous amount of operations per second and, yet, it's not capable of remembering and asking for (in a smart way) where do I want to store something I download. I am aware that there are probably a lot of (academic?) projects out there set to change this and make machines do what they are actually supposed to do: make my life easier. Ther...

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