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Souls and determinism

24 January 2015

Physical world Big bang Soul outside the system Everything would be deterministic Death never happens We are our fathers, mothers, and everyone else The concept of thing is a fallacy

Should go to bed now -)

23 January 2015

Bought a new mac book pro. Like with most new toys, I cannot stop playing with it. It's 3.30 in the morning and I should go to bed. But somehow the evil apple still holds me tight in front of the laptop :) Posted via email from nocivus' ramblings

Some notes on scalability

23 January 2015

I have been wanting to write this forever, also so I could remind myself of it whenever needed. And this is the kind of subject that traverses most programming languages/frameworks/systems as long as you are dealing with large quantities of data. There are probably more things one can do in order to allow an application to scale up easily, but these are the ones I have put in place in the past and it has worked out nicely so far: Read/write splitting (master/slave replication) If possible (e....

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