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Almost time to return

With less than 20 days until my return to the country where the sun does shine (Portugal), i can't help but thinking more and more about these 3 years in Holland. With that in mind, i decided to write a really long post on my experiences here in the Netherlands during this time. For the time that i have left i will be gathering thoughts and ideas on what to write but you can bet it will potentially offend a lot of people.

In the meantime i want to express my sympathy towards Fanta lovers. I feel your pain when it comes to Fanta Lemon :)

Stay tuned.

Stopped following around 300 people on twitter

Does this mean I'm a bad person? Well…. no :)

The reason for this is that I wanna start a new twitter philosophy for the sake of my soul: Follow only people that I know and people that I would like to know more about. So I took the time to go through my 350+ followers and unfollow those that I mainly followed back (e.g. because they started following me). The funny thing is this, all of the sudden, made clear how much I was missing from the people I really want to follow on the frontpage of twitter.

I strongly advise everyone to do the same now. No more following out of politeness, I'm gonna be honest with myself from now on :)

PS: If I accidentally unfollowed you and you do know me, please tell me ;)


Oje2d is now opensource

After some consideration I decided to opensource my 2d OpenGL Java Engine. Hopefully that will make me spend more time on it as I build a game around it and also get some external input. The license I chose was the MIT one. I think it's one of the most liberal licenses out there and I really don't want to prevent anyone from using the engine :)

That said, the project site is hosted @ Google:

I will import the sources into the subversion repository soon but, for now, the current snapshot sources are downloadable here: