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A shoe in for the job

Just found this pearl of a story. It tells the tale of an IT employee that sees his resume twisted by a recruiter to fit a job description at a financial institution and how that fact makes him waste his time and money chasing a job where he would not fit in the first place. I would not be surprised if it actually happened, judging from the amount of bad recruiters out there.

A very interesting and eye-opening read, if you work in IT.

New cockroach species found in New York

It seems a new type of cockroach might have been discovered in a new york apartment. Mutation, very-shy-hidden-for-ages-type, I have no idea but, according to the article:

"[Closely-related] species don't differ [by] more than one percent, [while] this cockroach is four percent different, (...) This suggests it is a new species of cockroach."

So there you have it. If it's indeed a case of mutation (think pollution) I wonder how long until we start growing extra limbs...

Ancient egyptians had bad teeth

I don't know about you, but they just destroyed a bit of my fascination for ancient Egypt...

Turns out that 18% of the 3000 mummies discovered so far presented signs of really bad dental problems which, in retrospective, is something that one would expect at those times when Colgate and Pepsodent were not around :)

The autopsies were possible using computer tomography techniques, which allow scientists to better understand mummies (including cause of death) without disturbing them.

Reddit developers, please fix this

I previously mentioned how dumb it was for someone to have to wait 10 minutes to be able to post a comment on a different thread on Reddit, but this latest discovery is just delicious.

Just tried to post a comment on a post where the submitter clearly forgot to add the link to the news article. Here's what I got:

Am I the only one who thinks this is not really helpful to anyone? If any Reddit developer reads this, can you please fix it?


SWIFT transfers are monitored by US authorities (even European transfers)

I was really in shock when I went with my mother to the bank the other day: There was a small sheet of paper stating that bank transfers done via the SWIFT network are prone to have its details shared with US authorities. The network currently has two nodes working with the same data in almost real time, one in the Netherlands and one in the US, and the latter is - well - under US jurisdiction.

From the wikipedia:

Operations centers

SWIFT operates two data centers, one in the US and one in the Netherlands. These centers share information in near real-time. In case of a failure in one of the data centers, the other is able to handle the traffic of the complete network. Currently SWIFT is building a third data center in Switzerland, which is scheduled to start operating in the second half of 2009.[4] Once this is completed, data from European SWIFT members will no longer be mirrored to the US data center. Also called Distributed Architecture will partition messaging into two zones, the European messaging zone and the Trans-Atlantic messaging zone.[5] European Zone messages will be stored in the Netherlands and in a part of the Switzerland operating center, Trans-Atlantic Zone messages will be stored in the US and in a part of the Switzerland operating center that is segregated from the European Zone messages. Countries outside of Europe were by default allocated to the Trans-Atlantic Zone but could choose to have their messages stored in the European Zone. Apparently there was a big fuss about this in 2006 and the SWIFT organization agreed to make changes to its server infrastructure so that the European transfer data would remain in Europe and not be accessible to the US government. I don't know the current status of the subject but, according to that warning from the bank in Portugal, seems that the data is still shared and accessible. There was a vote for this information sharing to go forward in end of the July 2009 and it was supposed to be accepted, though I don't know for sure the result.

Anyone with a financial background has more insight on this?

If facebook and myspace merged...

...you would get something like this.

Man, do I hate music in a profile. It makes me wanna jump out of an airplane without a parachute. Also, checkout the photo links beneath the profile. Priceless :)