HTML WYSIWYG editor with Flickr upload support?

24 January 2015

Lately i've been tinkering around with the idea of recreating my blog in a more handcrafted way (ruby on rails) as opposed to the current implementation using Wordpress. Don't get me wrong Wordpress is awesome. It has many years and millions of websites as a testament of it's awesomeness behind it. But i guess my hacker's vein popups up every now and then to whisper the reasons why i should have something custom made :) The biggest problem with this, is that WP's interface to create posts is, again, awesome. You can find plugins for pretty much anything, especially to do tasks that are otherwise plain boring, like uploading pictures to your flickr account and instantly have them available in your post for inclusion. I've been trying to find something like that for those nice HTML editors out there (like tinyMCE and CKEditor), but so far have had no luck. Anyone out there knows if something like that exists yet and where can i find it?

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