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Fast blogging setup

24 January 2015

## Static vs Dynamic

I've maintained my own website/blog for as long as i can remember. Ever since the days of static HTML pages, simple PHP scripts, [Wordpress]( installations, [Joomla](, [Drupal](, [Postnuke](, [PHPNuke](, you name it, i've tried it.

So one day i found out about static site generators. The basic idea is that, instead of having some kind of storage for the cont...

'Way too many websites'

24 January 2015

I don't know about you but - over the years - i've amassed way too many different blog and social services' accounts. [Posterous]( (now closed), [Blogger](, [Tumblr](, [Wordpress](, this self hosted blog, [Facebook](, [Twitter](, [Pinterest](, [Instagram](, [Flickr](, [Picasa](, [Fou...

SecuritySpy Control

24 January 2015

Yesterday i made my first attempt at selling an Android application on the Play Store. Knowing both the Apple Store and the Play Store, i can't help thinking that the latter was a much more pleasant experience than Apple's. Maybe because of the underlying web technology, or the fact that the pages loaded faster, or simply because the number of steps was lower and their explanation was much more trivial, i have to admit that i prefer Google's experience.

In any case, this is purely from a merch...

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