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The knee- it no worky!

A couple of years ago I sustained a knee injury while snowboarding and, although not very dramatic, it did leave kind of a light pain that comes out every now and then, especially when I put a lot of effort in my left leg.

After not giving it much thought for some time I recently discovered that, after putting on a bit of extra weight due to weight lifting every day, my knee started complaining again. So I went to a doctor to get some x-rays done and try to figure out what's wrong. Today I got the results.

Now, I don't know if the guys that write the x-ray reports have a 'cryptic writing' lecture in college or something like that, but it sure seems so. No simple folk can understand what they write on those things. And I don't even mean the medical terms. The sheer effort they put into sounding more "professicocky" (a word I promise I didn't just make up) is astonishing.

[caption id="attachment_1413" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="They're simple folk, you know, morons....."][/caption]

Why, oh why, can't you write for the simple people like me? :)


Pooping- you're doing it wrong

Ever found yourself sitting  in the toilet and, when it's that time to do some pushing, instinctively getting on your toes to help the process? Well, it turns out that there is a reason for that: Humans have an easier time pooping in a crouching position. So when you get on your toes you are just getting closer to that shape.

And - as it turns out - there are 6 other things we might be doing wrong all our lives. Live and learn :)

Mitochondria regeneration method found. Wanna live forever?

Scientists have found a compound that creates new Mitochondria structures inside aging cells. This can lead to the reversal of cellular aging, the main reason why you die :)

As we age, our tissues' mitochondria start to get damaged (you can think of it as the tail of a long chord, that gets ripped progressively as you drag it through the floor). A 90 year old man's muscle tissue will have around 95% damaged mitochondria, as opposed to no damaged at all in a little kid. If we can stop this process, we might live forever :)

More technical juice in the original article.

Why you should sleep at least 7 hours per night

I've always been an apologist of sleeping at least 8 hours per night/day and - except for my brief experiments with other types of sleep cycles - i have always tried to do so myself. I am one of those people that feels better when i manage to sleep around 8-9 hours per night, otherwise i already know that Saturday morning is going to be "wasted" sleeping :)

Now it turns out i was probably right: Some new studies have shown that 95% of people require at least 7 hours per night to function properly (i mean in an optimal way). From the remaining 5%, 2.5 require more than 7 hours. This means that only 2.5% of all people have an optimal sleep time of 7 hours or less.

So, i'm going to bed now :)