UE4 Tutorial 11 - Compass

20 January 2019

In this tutorial we discuss how to implement both text and image based compasses for use in any game where you need to provide a sense of direction to the player.

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Terraform - Infrastructure as code

18 January 2019

We recently started using this outstanding devops tool called Terraform at Drover. Basically it allows us to describe how we want our environments to be and apply that "plan" automatically. It's a bit like Ansible and its playbooks concept but - IMO - does a better job at tracking what resources exist and in which state they are in.

Think about it like writing down what your environment looks like, in terms of pretty much everything (load balancing, dns, servers, networking, connectivity, ser...

UE4 Tutorial 10 - Refactoring Part 2 and Light Poles

17 January 2019

In this tutorial we finish the electrical system refactoring and implement the light poles, at long last. With this in place you have an electrical system that can be used in your own games, complete with energy production, containment, and consumption.

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