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Avoiding SSL redirect loop

26 January 2015
If you are configuring an nginx website to use SSL and - by any chance - you need to setup more than one “server” entry (for instance to make www redirect to the plain URL), keep in mind that you need to declare the ssl certificate mumbo-jumbo in both entries, otherwise browsers will enter a redirect loop.

Something like the following will do:

server {
        listen 443 ssl;

        include zenblast-ssl.conf;

        return 301 $scheme://$request_uri;...

'Google Drive new document bookmark'

24 January 2015

Here's a neat trick: Bookmarks to create all sorts of Google Drive documents. This way you don't have to first access Google Drive and click on new, you can just have the appropriate bookmarks in your browser's toolbar. Just add these links:

- New Google Document: []( - New Google Spreadsheet: []( - New Googl...

'Youtube user uploads RSS feed'

24 January 2015

Ever wondered how to get a YouTube user's RSS feed so you can keep track of his/her uploads? Here's how:

Just replace **rubentiagoqcoisa** with his/her YouTube username and use that url in a feed reader.

You're welcome!

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