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Manjaro 5.10 Kernel will not boot

If - like me - you get stuck on boot after Manjaro updates to Linux Kernel 5.10, the solution is pretty simple:

  1. Boot into 5.9 (you can choose the option in the grub boot menu
  2. Reinstall the 5.10 kernel with:
    sudo pacman -S linux510
  3. For good measure,...

Linux window auto-organizer (across multiple screens)

One of the things that always makes me crazy is window organization on the desktop. OSX has pretty good apps to manage windows, but i always find Linux a bit lacking so i decided to roll out my own simple solution.

It's written in Elixir because i like...

6 years ago
Mysql access denied for user root

Clean installation of mysql-server on Ubuntu (also happened to me on Debian), i can't connect with root and no password (even though on installation i set a blank password). This is not MariaDB, it's the proper 5.7 version installed via package...

Lock and unlock Ubuntu using your iPhone

If, like me, you suffer from lazius extremis (lazy bastard, for the layman), you probably hate having to lock your computer when you leave and entering a password when you come back.
Fear not, young padawan, UDEV and xdotool to the rescue!