2 years ago
Autocomplete field in Phoenix Live View, Surface, and TailwindCSS

I know it's a mouthful, but hear me out:

I've been looking for an autocomplete field that worked for my purposes (lookup in the database, not in memory, and support multiselect and the ability to limit the number of items a field could support.


Elixir/Phoenix VSCode snippets

Here's my current Elixir VSCode snippets elixir.json file.

You can add it to VSCode by Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+P and choosing Preferences : Configure User Snippets, then opening elixir.json. If you don't have one yet, you can create a new snippet file in the...

Allow Erlang/Elixir to open ports 80 and 443

By default users other than root cannot open ports below 1000, for security reasons. If you want to - say - run your website in Elixir without nginx on port 80 or 443, you can allow the Erlang binary to open ports below 1000 using setcap (run as root):...

Manjaro 5.10 Kernel will not boot

If - like me - you get stuck on boot after Manjaro updates to Linux Kernel 5.10, the solution is pretty simple:

  1. Boot into 5.9 (you can choose the option in the grub boot menu
  2. Reinstall the 5.10 kernel with:
    sudo pacman -S linux510
  3. For good measure,...