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Image organizer based on exif data

Here's a new script: Goes through all the folders for which you call it and finds and organizes JPG images.

The need came when i downloaded all my Google Photos and wanted to organize them in year and month folders.

Basically the script reads the EXIF...

Terraform - Infrastructure as code

We recently started using this outstanding devops tool called Terraform at Drover. Basically it allows us to describe how we want our environments to be and apply that "plan" automatically. It's a bit like Ansible and its playbooks concept but - IMO -...

Background Elastic Search indexing using Sidekiq

This article shows how we implemented background ActiveRecord model indexing using Sidekiq. By default, the SearchKick gem allows for 4 ways of automatically indexing a Rails model when it is saved to the backing database:

  1. Inline (the default,...

Commonly used (and abused) Ruby Gems

Following up on my last post about Ruby gems, here's a list of some of my typical choices for various tasks in the Ruby and Ruby on Rails world:


Makes it real easy to define exactly how to serialize models in an API @RubyGems