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Found - a Quicksilver alternative for Mac OSX

24 January 2015

If you are looking for an alternative for [Quicksilver](, the popular OSX launcher, you might find [Found]( (no pun intended) a suitable replacement.

To be honest it does not seem to be quite as powerful but, if - like me - you only use Quicksilver to launch apps, then Found is a great lightweight (and beautiful) alternative.

Nginx rewrite/redirect for blog URL

24 January 2015

When i moved my blog to a [middleman]( system, i found that i needed to provide redirects from `/2012/01/25/some-post` to `/blog/2012/01/25/some-post`. It's a relatively simple task, though i lost some time because i missed a detail that no one usually explains.

There are articles on the web explaining how to do url rewriting in Nginx. Most of them will tell you something like this:

location /2009/ { rewrite ^(/2009/.*)$ /blog$1 break; }

In a gist, th...

On using MySQL and working remotely

24 January 2015

A couple of interesting articles this morning, one about [why you should not use MySQL]( (i particularly love the expression "Mysql development and administration causes brain damage, folks...") and a [rant about remote work]( and why companies still can't see the value in it.

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