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UE4 Tutorial 11 - Compass

20 January 2019

In this tutorial we discuss how to implement both text and image based compasses for use in any game where you need to provide a sense of direction to the player.

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Helium - A floating window for your media [OSX]

23 October 2015

My new favorite application for OSX is called Helium

It's basically something that allows you to keep an always-on-top window with whatever video (youtube, local, etc.) you want to have playing while you do other things. 

Pretty awesome!

'Youtube user uploads RSS feed'

24 January 2015

Ever wondered how to get a YouTube user's RSS feed so you can keep track of his/her uploads? Here's how:

Just replace **rubentiagoqcoisa** with his/her YouTube username and use that url in a feed reader.

You're welcome!

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