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Mysql access denied for user root

03 November 2017

Clean installation of mysql-server on Ubuntu (also happened to me on Debian), i can't connect with root and no password (even though on installation i set a blank password). This is not MariaDB, it's the proper 5.7 version installed via package repository after using the Mysql APT tool to set it up.

Here's the shit i had to do to make this work:

sudo emacs /lib/systemd/system/mysql.service

In this file, add --skip-grant-tables to the Exec command. After that run:

sudo systemctl daemon-reload

On using MySQL and working remotely

24 January 2015

A couple of interesting articles this morning, one about [why you should not use MySQL]( (i particularly love the expression "Mysql development and administration causes brain damage, folks...") and a [rant about remote work]( and why companies still can't see the value in it.

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