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'Youtube user uploads RSS feed'

24 January 2015

Ever wondered how to get a YouTube user's RSS feed so you can keep track of his/her uploads? Here's how:

Just replace **rubentiagoqcoisa** with his/her YouTube username and use that url in a feed reader.

You're welcome!

'Love this one'

24 January 2015

Apple iPhone event 2012 in bullet points

24 January 2015

Running the risk of spoiling some things, i think i'll start with some of my favorite quotes from the live event :) Gizmodo on Jony Ive's video: "It's like saying you've been completely redesigned when you come back to eight grade two inches taller." "He's talking about the phone has been "completely redesigned," which is a very loose definition of either "completely" or "redesigned"." Engadget on the earpods: "Showing the old earbuds now, over 600 million have been shipped already to ruin 1200...

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