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'You should get Training Time for iOS'

And why, you might ask? For one because i made it :)

But seriously, if you are into intense, repetition-based training, you might want to take a look at it. It's an [iOS app](!/id692787267?mt=8) that...

'Create online documents with iCloud'

So yeah, Apple just put iWork for iCloud in beta for everyone. You can now create documents (text, spreadsheets, and presentations) online at [](iCloud) provided you have an Apple ID, that is. Plus, if you happen to have bought iWork...

Apple Magic Mouse lag problem solved

After looking everywhere for a solution for my Apple Magic Mouse lag problem it finally dawned on me:

Both Bluetooth and Wifi(n) share a very close spectrum of the wireless channels. After changing my router's Wifi channel from 12 to 1 the mouse...

Shortcat - Get rid of your mouse, now!

This is a game changing app, if you own a mac. It allows you to navigate your OSX without using the mouse. Give it a try, you won't regret it :)