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'You should get Training Time for iOS'

24 January 2015

And why, you might ask? For one because i made it :)

But seriously, if you are into intense, repetition-based training, you might want to take a look at it. It's an [iOS app](!/id692787267?mt=8) that allows you to set the duration of each repetition, as well as the resting time between reps. Then all you have to do is hit start and listen to the app as it tells you when to rest and when to exercise.

Because i rarely develop something i don't want ...

'Create online documents with iCloud'

24 January 2015

So yeah, Apple just put iWork for iCloud in beta for everyone. You can now create documents (text, spreadsheets, and presentations) online at [](iCloud) provided you have an Apple ID, that is. Plus, if you happen to have bought iWork for any Apple devices, the docs will sync effortlessly across everywhere. I love Google Drive, but always found the lack of a desktop version a bit of a fail. iWork to the rescue now ;)

Apple Magic Mouse lag problem solved

24 January 2015

After looking everywhere for a solution for my Apple Magic Mouse lag problem it finally dawned on me:

Both Bluetooth and Wifi(n) share a very close spectrum of the wireless channels. After changing my router's Wifi channel from 12 to 1 the mouse started working properly again (completely lag free).

Good luck!

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