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I would bet on this horse

24 January 2015

Seal skin? Really, Crowne Plaza?!?

23 January 2015

This is my fourth time in Amsterdam since i started working remotely. Obviously, once i moved back to Portugal i took all my belongings there and gave up my house in Holland so, every time i come to Amsterdam i have to stay at an hotel in the city. I have experienced three, so far: the Movenpick, the NH Caransa (in Rembrandtplein), and the Crowne Plaza.

All of them are pretty good hotels, though my preference goes definitely to the Movenpick. Probably because they are located in a place that...

Reddit's RSS only shows article titles

23 January 2015

Am i the only one who is pissed off by this? Aren't RSS feeds supposed to be the awesome way of consuming information? And for what? Web page hits? Here's a newsflash, dudes, your website isn't that good looking :)

Here's what i mean:

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