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Bird versus window

24 January 2015

Is it me or did a bird crash into this window? The smudges on the outside really suggest it. Fascinating stuff! Except for the bird, that is :)

Arm broken equals free time

24 January 2015

I have broken an arm. This is the 1st time in my life that I have broken any bones in my body. And it sucks!

But, rather than being all pessimistic about it, I prefer to see the positive side. See, you get a lot of free time to do things that you probably have been postponing for ages. For instance, taking care of your taxes, organizing all the receipts of last year's expenses, or even turning an old laptop into a hallway digital information system (yes, with one arm). These are the kind of th...

Swatch to sell touchscreen watches

24 January 2015

They are coming out October 26th and i want one. Enough said :D

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