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'Dashlane - Great alternative to 1Password'

24 January 2015

If - like me - you are looking for a solution to manage all your passwords, don't feel like spending 50€ on [1Password](, and didn't feel convinced by the [other]( [alternatives](, then you will find joy when you learn about [Dashlane](

It features identity, wallet, and password management, all encrypted on their servers, with automatic web form filling and strong password generation. And ... it's free!...

How to open and close a zipped bag without leaving traces. Scary!

24 January 2015

I really need to get a better traveling bag after watching this...

Schiphol-Amsterdam - Airport security at its best

24 January 2015

There i was at gate D83 (or should i say 53?), waiting for my flight back to Portugal when something suddenly starts beeping. I turn to look and see a man washing the floor who had just stepped through an unused set of security gates that is laying around there (see picture).

If i'm not mistaken, these (probably older) gates used to have security checks done here, instead of at the main central place where this happens nowadays. I saw these a couple of times before, though i always assumed the...

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