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Wank'o'meter is fun

24 January 2015

Last night i laughed like i didn't in a really long time, watching my brother play with the android app "wank'o'meter". Try it out, it's guaranteed fun :)

Adventures at the Indian embassy (or how Portuguese services suck)

24 January 2015

Where should i start? Ah, yes, the motivation: In about a month i am supposed to go to India in a business trip and - as such - i will require a visa.

I went to the embassy on Wednesday morning only to find out that visa applications are not handled on Wednesdays. Just my luck! It was clearly my fault, since i did not properly check the opening times on their - extremely hard to find - website. Did i mention you spend one hour in traffic just to get there? Suffice to say i was pissed, though m...

My face in space?

23 January 2015

[caption id="attachment_1103" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Congratulations, you're face has been stolen..."] [/caption]

Wanna get your face in space? Just go to NASA's website, choose a mission, and upload your pic. Time waste? Maybe. Fun to see your face in the rocket? Yep.

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